You can download the new AI HEREHERE , and HERE!

Back up and delete both your AI folders and extract the new AI folders into your ZealRO folder.

Basic Configuration

Open your ZealRO folder and navigate to your AI_sakray folder.



Once inside here, you'll find a file called "AzzyAIConfig.exe", you're going to execute that file. If you'rehaving issues executing the file, try right clicking it and running as Administrato and/or in compatibility with Windows 7 or lower.



Once that is run it will open up the window in the image below. For those of you who know exactly what you're doing, you can modify this section of the Configuration window as you please. If not don't worry!  We've already modified it to suit majority of your needs by default.


Configuration Window

Click on the third tab called "Homunculus Tactics". It will open a window that looks similar to this.



In this example we've selected Wood Goblin.

Overall Tactics

This will allow you to select what the Basic Behaviour of your homunculus to the monster is. If set to Ignore, your homun won't even recognize the monster as being visible. This is usally only useful towards non-aggro monsters. 

Attack Skills

When selecting skills, you'll want to make sure you're using a homunculus that actually has offensive skills. (Filir and Vani) If not, then this will do nothing for that homun.

Debuff is related to Homun S, so you shouldn't need to worry about that.

It's good to have Skill Class set to Non-Homun S skills, but keeping it at Any Skill will still work just as well.


If you have "Snipe OK" active, it will cast skill from a distance and avoid being attacked by monsters up close.


We strongly advise you to keep this disabled at all times. If caught and reported for KSing you will be punished accordingly. Please read our RULES page for more information.