12/21/14 - 12/31/14

  • Additions and changes to various holiday events
  • New BGM updates for Christmas theme
  • Preparations for New years events and following Episode updates


  • Battle Badges are now tradable as a result of the Community Vote ingame. (114:91 / Y:N)


  • Added Name Changer NPC to ZP Arena
  • Added Sex Changer to ZP Arena
  • Increased vending time to 12 hours


  • Fixed Odin Mask [0]; was giving a lot more than what it was supposed to.
  • Poll added to Vote NPC in Prontera


  • Added 8 hour vending limit to reduce "false active player" limit. After 8 hours a vender will be auto-kicked.
  • Fixed Old Bandanna; wasn't reducing cast time by 10%.
  • Added Guild Package. See TOC's (Terms of Conditions) on the forums to apply!
  • Wikia page for Rules have been update with KS rules. (Normally we don't add change log for Wikia changes, but this one is necessary.)


  • Added Jewelry Box to the Santa's Shop NPC (25 ZP each)
  • Added new ZP arena
  • Moved Donation Manager to new ZP arena
  • Released early update for new patch
  • New December weekly BGM added for Prontera and Vending map
  • Added 28 headgears, VIP pass, Mounts, and Costume Token to Battle Badge Exchange NPC
  • Fixed some item descriptions


  • Removed Cash Vault / Zeal Vault (inactivity)
  • Added Card Trader. (Exchange 10 unwanted cards for 1 OCA)
  • Added custom Smelting and Miningto the game. NPC to get started located in Prontera and Manuk.
  • Added 8 new Headgear quests.
  • WoE Emperium Break announcer.
  • Santa's Shop in Prontera. Previous rotations and extras available!
  • New Prontera BMG (2/4; will update again next week!)
  • Added Musketeer hat, Minstrel Song Hat, and Machoman Glasses to costumes #6 shop.
  • Fixed some item descriptions.
  • Added Pickaxe Box (350 Pickaxe inside)
  • Optimized some scripts to reduce minor lag effect.
  • Updated location board with new NPCs.
  • Updated the ingame Rules board, added rule about offensive names. READ THE RULES STILL.
  • Battle Grounds equipment (armours and weapons) disabled in WoE as a result of the Community Vote ingame. (175:82 / Y:N)


  • Changed Reset NPC to scale price depending on level. (Feature was always in the server from day 1, just never activated until economy built up.)
  • Introducing two new GMs to the ZealRO GM Team. Minguk and Rammie.
  • MVP Event!!!
  • Updated Increased Rates NPC contributions. 1 ZP is now 5 Points.
  • Zeny can be used in Increased Rates contributions now. 350,000 zeny grants 10 points.
  • Password/Account Recoveryadded to the main website.



  • Added ZealRO Christmas Prontera
  • Christmas themed Invasion event added. Occurs every 4 hours.
  • Prontera and Vending map BGM changed for holiday spirit.
  • Event mobs drop "Special Present" which can be exchanged at [St Nicolas] in Prontera center.


  • Fixed costume prices (zeny)
  • Fixed some costumes not appearing
  • Added new Costumes


  • Battlegroundshas been enabled.
  • Kawaii is no longer a GM, staff applications are open here.


  • Fixed Beelzebub Spawn
  • Increased Warp price from 200z to 400z for a month to balance economy.
  • Doubled the stat/skill reset price from 50k zeny to 100k zeny.
  • Disabled the Reject Sword skill until the poll is complete in the center of Prontera City.


  • Added New headgears to ZP shop
  • Added Tamer NPC to ZP area
  • Added GvG Room (Seige Mode)


  • Added 300% manuals to ZP shop



  • Added Mounts to the server


  • Added Shadow and Immaterial arrow to arrow dealer
  • Event tickets can now be traded


  • Vote Poll NPC update
  • Added HD Elunuim and Oridecon to Zeal Boxlist
  • Added Enriched Elunium and Oridecon to ZP Shop
  • Added HR Bubblegum to the ZP Shop
  • Added Enriched Elunium and Oridecon to Mission Shop
  • New headgears added to ZP shop, Mission Shop, and Event Shop
  • Moon Rabbit Hat description fixed
  • Guilds can now add spaces into names


  • Changed Bronze Coin to Crystal Coin to avoid confusion
  • Updated RULES to include more details about Kill Steal
  • Updated RULES to have extended details on Player Obstructions


  • Added "Player Relations" to the RULES
  • Added new in-game Vote NPC (prontera 159 201) for forum discussions


  • Fixed level selectable Teleport
  • Added V.I.P.Lifetime to the ZP shop
  • V.I.P. Pass is now able to be put in storage


  • Added additional perk to VIP. Now user can obtain Zeal Box if online for 60 minutes, every 60 minutes.
  • Added Headgear Rotation NPC. 14 day cycles.
  • Added Emperium to Zeal Box
  • Applied @joinbg and @leavebg commands. Only usable in towns and BG arena.
  • Reduced the Vote4ZP ratio down by half. (Now at 5 vote = 1 ZP)
  • Price change on certain items for ZP shops (prices too high)
  • Additional headgears applied to ZP shop
  • Healer delay reduced to 30 seconds (0 secondVIP)