When most people see the words "Gold Room" they instantly refer to those areas on Super High Rates that have monsters which drop gold and 100%, so to avoid misleading players and giving the wrong impression, we decided to make a "Crystal Room" instead!. It's much different here at ZealRO. With our Crystal room you'll be able to enter a realm of Crystals, which have similar properties to plants, and destroy them to receive valuable drops at a very low rate. Beware, there's a Crystal Room Guardian roaming around in there with you, so you better be prepared to fight or flee!

The information below will supply you with further details as to how the Crystal room works along with what items you can expect to obtain from it.

Crystal Room Pass

Crystal Room Pass

This is what the Crystal Room Pass looks like. You can obtain these from Zeal Boxes, some GM hosted events, and various event shops & quests!

Crystal Room Map


The Crystal room map is a commonly used PVP map in most servers. Here we've used pvp_n_1-2 so players can have the convenience of circling the map without any hidden cells and map limitations. As you can see in this picture, it's a series of squares which supply easy access to one another.

Crystal Room Items

Below is a list of items that are obtainable from Crystal Room mobs. Each item is displayed with drop rates based off default server rates!

Browse through each image using the left and right arrows in the box below.

  • 0.90 %
  • 0.90 %
  • 0.90 %
  • 1.50 %
  • 1.50 %
  • 3.00 %

Crystal Room Mobs

The Crystal room's mobs are called "Crystals". There are four different colours; Blue, Green, Yellow, and, Red. The highest drop rate which these Crystals have is 3%. So obtaining their items isn't quite as easy as you would think! (Note: All Crystals have 100 HP) Browse through each image using the left and right arrows in the box below.

  • Wind Crystal / CRYSTAL_1 (1395)
  • Earth Crystal / CRYSTAL_2 (1396)
  • Fire Crystal / CRYSTAL_3 (1397)
  • Water Crystal / CRYSTAL_4 (1398)
  • Crystal Guardian / DRAKE (1112)