When you donate to Zeal RO you are given what is called 'Zeal Points'. Zeal Points can be used to purchase exclusive (balanced) items that you can use on your characters to build your perfect fighter.

Headgear Rotation

The Rotating Headgear NPC sells 5 headgears for 14 days. After the 14 days we release a new set of headgears. Though, some may remain in the permanent shop, at times, while the rest are removed. This may be planned rotation and it may also be random rotations. So if you want to see certain headgears inside ZP mall you can suggest them on the ZealRO forums HERE !

Usable Items

Inside the ZP mall is a Usable Items NPC. The usable items will not be following the headgear rotation. We have set items which are listed below. NOTE: All items are subject to change price at any unspecified time for any reason including, but not limited to, Events, Sales, abuse, and bugs. If an item is removed, there will be notes regarding the reason.


This is an example of a Zeal Coin which can be acquired from claiming Vote points into ZP and from the Usable shop in the ZP mall. These coins are how you can trade Cash currency to other players.

If you're trying to make a donation to the server, you can click HEREto do it!