How to get there

To get to the Hunting Mission NPC speak to the Event Arena NPC in Prontrea, who is north of the Healer NPC. He’ll over to teleport you to the Event Arena.

The Hunting Challenge!

 Once in the Event Arena speak to the Hunting Challenge NPC and he’ll tell you how many missions you've completed, assign you a new mission, provide you with information about hunting quests,  open the mission shop where you can spend your  Hunting Mission Points,  and tell you who the server’s top hunters are.

Clicking on Assign New Mission you will be randomly assigned a target monster or list of monsters. A counter will appear in your chat window, and will track your kill count. Once the target number of monsters has been killed you will need to return to the Hunting Challenge NPC and hand in to receive your reward points.

If you find your target(s) too difficult you have the option to abandon your assigned mission for 25000 zeny. There is also a 60 minute wait after completing your mission until you may start a new one.

Once you've saved up enough points you can cash them in for a number of usable items, Emperiums, weapon and headgear.