The VIP Pass is an item that will allow players access to more extended features in ZealRO. With this pass you are granted a few beneficial perks that are sure to help you in the most balanced and fair way!

The perks for this pass are listed as follow:

  • Obtain a Zeal Box for every 60 minutes you are online. (You must not enter idle-mode, chat boxes, or vend a shop for this to work.)
  • Level select in the Warpra. (This excludes all MVP floors to dungeons and fields. Players still need to do New World quest to unlock New World maps.)
  • Reduced Heal cost to 250z at all Healer NPCs.
  • Reduces Healer's cooldown time to 0 delay when using the healer. (Be careful not to click spam it!)
  • Access to extra Zeal Angels. (Every 6 hours a Zeal Angel will appear. 2 a day for non-VIP, and 2 a day for VIP. That's 4 in 24 hours for VIP users in total!)
  • Extra bonus time in Crystal Room. (Standard is 30 minutes. VIP allows 45 minutes!)
  • Extra 20 mobs in Crystal Room. (20 adidtional mobs will spawn in the room and continue to spawn like the other mobs do.)

There are a number of ways to obtain the VIP pass without donating, too!

You can get them from the Zeal Box, Event shop, Vote Exchange, Seasonl/Unique events, and select GM hosted events.