Zeal RO Wikia

ZealRO is a Private server for the popular MMORPG Ragnaok Online.

Here at ZealRO we offer players a wider expansion to the Pre-Renewal game. We don't have Third classes on this server, but we have all Renewal monsters and items formulated to fit the Pre-Renewal specifications. New monsters and maps are regularly added to keep you (the players) satisfied and free of boredom!

Step into the Orbis of Midgard once again and feel what it's like to play as your favourite class once more. The party's waiting!

General Information

ZealRO is a dedicated server that is always searching for more ways to improve the quality of the server. The GM staff can only go so far as to making this the perfect server. What we need is for the voice of the people to help shout out and let us know on our forums what they would like to see! Please head over to our forums to suggest a few things and let it be discussed with the community.

You can access our forums HERE !